We’ve be providing Solar Energy in Nigeria since 2008

Solar Energy Nigeria company is Nigeria’s top notch installer and merchant of solar and renewable energy applications. We sell, install and service solar inverter in nigeria, solar street light, solar panels, solar borehole, etc. We offer affordable solar panel prices in Nigeria while using the best and highest quality materials.

Solar Energy Nigeria company(SENCE) is in the business of renewable energy, our services is built upon harnessing sunlight to power our homes and offices. We offer the best prices for solar installations. If you are looking for the best option for power generation or a backup power source then solar solution is the best for you.

We are an innovative group of young electric engineers and technicians involved in the art of retail, distribution, repair and installation of solar panels across Nigeria, and we engage in custom design for solar applications. Due to our professionalism and years of service in this high brow industry, we have offered our services to private, commercial and government agencies over the years.

Are you looking to install or buy solar energy in Nigeria? Have you been searching for a reliable and credible solar power company in Nigeria? Have you been unsatisfied with others previously? Then the search is over, because you have arrived to the right place.

Solar Energy Nigeria Company has been in the forefront of deploying solar installations for homes and offices all around since 2011. We are proud to announce to you that within the few years of our operations, we’ve been able to open branch offices across the nation. This is motivated by our passion to be the Goto company for every solar installation in Nigeria.

Our quest to be number one has made us build capacity in the business of solar installation in Nigeria. Solar Energy Nigeria company is among the few solar energy companies in lagos state, Nigeria that can boast of having an annual turnover of over 100,000,000(One Hundred Million) . This feat was made possible by you making us your preferred solar institution.

In 2015, Association of solar professionals in Nigeria appreciated our efforts by awarding us the Best Solar Establishment to watch in 2016. Indeed, We lived up to this billing, as 2016 was a remarkable year was a remarkable year for us.  We became one of the leading solar energy companies in Nigeria with flexible and affordable solar panel prices in Nigeria. Till date, solar energy Nigeria Company is the only company with cheapest solar inverter prices in nigeria.

Our partnership with leading solar panel manufacturers across the world is our secret recipe to offering the best prices in the market while maintaining quality. We understand the business very well so we ensure that our low prices does not in any way affect the quality of our products and sevices.

Solar Energy Company Nigeria Enterprise located in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. From here, we serve Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Bayelsa, Akwa ibom and all parts of Nigeria. We strategically positioned in all major Nigerian states. Our Abuja Office handles Jobs from the north, Lagos office handles jobs from the west while our port harcourt office takes care of all the jobs for the south and east.

Our vision:

We strive to be the number one renewable energy company in the country, providing classic products and services to our clients located unevenly in Nigeria.

Other services:

  • Our services are available 24 hours in a day
  • We give hassle-free installation services to all our clients
  • Our years of professional services spans across various offices, and homes- in fact, anywhere you would like us to install the solar panels, we will gladly do so without any issues.

We ‘re Nigerian’s Choice for Installation Solar Energy in Nigeria

solar energy installation

Renewable energy makes it possible for you to reduce the amount of electricity you consume from your local utility establishment. It is on record that Solar Energy Company Nigeria Enterprise provides private, commercial and corporate agencies off-grid and grid-tied solar systems.

Our solar panels are exclusively designed to suit all types of harsh weather conditions like hail, humidity, battering winds and temperature swings- that is why our solar panels last for a long time. Our services are efficient and highly dependable.

If per chance, your solar panels under performs after the expiration of the warranty period, there is no point to worry yourself- we will simply replace and repair it and as well as reinstall it on your home or office.

We have a reliable and passionate customer service that will be out to serve you. We are truly the best and we are here exclusively to serve you, and make you happy. You will love our services- we are customer-friendly company. Thanks once more, for visiting our site!